Our corporate aim is to strengthen our long-term market position as the world leading supplier of lifting equipment for efficient cargo handling, consistently focussing on the growing market of maritime cargo shipping. To reach this target, we can use many years of experience in metal and heavy steel construction and our outstanding designing, manufacturing and assembling expertise. We are improving our local presence in the high-volume markets (China, India). Customers around the world rely on SMAG's innovative strength.

We are also focussing on improving our worldwide presence in the market of mining industry with emphasis on drilling equipment for open-pit and underground mines and on special-purpose vehicles for the mining and process industry, such as steel works. Further expansion of our range of mobile antenna masts completes our portfolio. Despite the difference in the nature of the markets, we will be able to use cross-divisional synergy effects in purchasing, administration, construction and manufacture.

Our corporate strategy is aimed at profit-oriented and sustainable growth in all business activities throughout the group.

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