Mobile Antenna Masts

Mobile Antenna Masts

Our subsidiary SMAG Mobile Antenna Masts GmbH (SMAM) is Europe's only manufacturer of mobile antenna masts up to 40m height that do not require guy-ropes and has manufactured antenna masts in Salzgitter-Bad since 1974. Such masts are used around the world for disaster relief, military activities as well as radio and TV broadcasting. The electromechanic (Ftm series) and hydraulic (Fth series) antenna masts stand out for their technology that eliminates the need for guy-ropes. Even with heavy top loads, the mast stability is ensured without any guy-ropes.

The supporting systems, in this sector also known as "Salzgitter masts", set standards in terms of erection and dismantling times, while excelling in extreme accuracy, maximum reliability and high mobility - even in rough terrain. SMAM's high quality standards ensure stable and reliable communications to and from the remotest areas on the map and under most adverse environmental conditions.

Mounted on vehicles or trailers, antenna masts are mainly used by armed forces, disaster-relief organizations and telecommunications companies. 

SMAG also produces special designs to customer specification in order to offer its customers tailor-made solutions. Depending on your requirements, SMAG develops and manufactures hydraulic or electric telescopic masts, stationary or mobile sensor masts designed to match the place of deployment.

Masts equipped with wind gauges, transponders and other accessories are also available. SMAG's flexible lattice mast design provides this high level of versatility.


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